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The Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) is located in Central Europe and bordered by nine other countries. Germany is the world's third-largest economy and the European Union's most populous member state with 82 million inhabitants.

From the Reformation to Nazism, events and trends in Germany have shaped the history of Europe. Germany’s turbulent past has undoubtedly left its mark on the country as we know it today. Modern-day Germany is divided into sharply defined regions, or Länder, with each region maintaining its distinctive character, with its own customs, dialect, traditional dress and cuisine. Attractions include the big-city charm of Berlin where east meets west, the medieval villages and castles of the Black Forest, the mountains, woodlands and lakes of Bavaria and the beautiful sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. The country's rich history and culture make Germany an exciting and rewarding place to live and study.

Germany is a land of ideas. Education, science and research play a central role here. In a Europe free of borders and a world of globalized markets, education lays the basis enabling us to exploit the opportunities open borders and world- wide knowledge networks offer. The German education and university system is undergoing a profound process of renewal that is already bearing fruit: Germany is one of the countries most preferred by foreign students, a hub of cutting-edge international research and a constant source of new patents.

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