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Australia is a leading academic destination renowned for quality studies and unmatched educational facilities. It has overtaken Britain as the most favoured destination for Indian students wanting to study abroad. In this respect, it stands now second only to America. Australian college/university programs are recognized worldwide. There are no worries that a degree you receive in Australia will be worthless as you consider career opportunities in your own country, upon graduation. Tuition and living expenses are not quite as expensive as they are in most other countries. This is a bonus for students with limited funds!, There are 37 Universities of international repute in Australia. In 1998, nearly 5,500 Indian students joined various under and postgraduate courses in the various universities in Australia. These universities are famous the world over for very high standards in teaching and research. They expect overseas students to have good scores in qualifying examinations like GMAT and TOEFL and also to have work experience for entry into the Master’s degree programmes.

In Engineering, Medicine, Science and other technical fields, there are more hours of lectures, tutorials and practical classes. For undergraduate entry into any Australian University, TAFE or Private College. SAT is not required. Entry is purely based on marks obtained in the Higher Secondary Examination (class XII in India). It is the conducive atmosphere for multi-cultured applicants and a low cost education system, that attract foreign students to opt for Australia. Australia offers a safe, secure environment. This is an important aspect to consider when students decide where their aspirations lie as they ponder the higher education on foreign soil question. Australia provides a multicultural environment; thus, students who study there often return to their homelands with a more open-minded perspective. Students are educated in AND out of the classroom. Education standards are high and institutions of higher education are accredited by the Australian government. Need we say more? An Australia

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