GMAT, GRE,IELTS, TOEFL,SAT etc Coaching Classes

Outline of Exam Pattern

Modules Sections Questions Time Permitted
Listening 4 40 – 10 in each section 30 minutes
Reading – General Training and Academic 3 40
60 minutes
60 minutes
Writing – General Training and Academic 3 2 tasks (150 and 250 words)
2 tasks (150 and 250 words)
60 minutes
60 minutes
Speaking     11 – 14 minutes


The candidates taking the exam are assessed on 9-band grading mechanism, each band stating the level of competency as under:

Band Competency
9 Expert User – has fully operational command of the language in terms of appropriate usage, accuracy of structural grammar and fluency in speaking
8 Very Good User – has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies
7 Good User – has operational command with occasional inaccuracies in grammar, inappropriate projection in unfamiliar situations
6 Competent User – overall a general user with more or less an effective command over the language
5 Modest User – has partial command of the language, liable to make many mistakes
4 Limited User – has frequent errors in understanding and expression of the language
3 Extremely Limited User – conveys and understands only general meaning in familiar situation. May falter too often to speak and write
2 Intermittent User – has great difficulty in understanding spoken and written English
1 Non User – has no general ability to use English language in any form
0 Did not attempt the test
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